Winter 2017 • Volume 37 • Number 1

Margaret Szabunio, MD, FACR
2017 AAWR President
Professor, Department of Radiology, Surgery & Biomedical Engineering 
Division Chief, Women's Radiology
Associate Medical Director, Comprehensive Breast Care Center
Program Director, Women's Radiology Fellowship
University of Kentucky

Hello, my fellow AAWR members!

As I embark on my first few months as AAWR’s president, I would like to extend a huge “thank you” to our immediate Past President, Dr. Susan Ackerman, for her leadership and contributions to the society. Dr. Ackerman has left large shoes to fill, but I will continue to build upon the groundwork she laid for continuing the growth and success of AAWR.


The missions of AAWR are networking, mentoring, and providing resources such as refresher courses, seminars on professional development, references on issues unique to women in radiology and radiation oncology and gender issues in medicine, awards, and collaborations with other societies. The continuing efforts of AAWR will be instrumental in recruiting and developing the next generation of women in radiology.


We are also pursuing some new goals that our Board and committees will undertake in the coming year:

· Knowing who we are! Improving the membership directory to reflect accurate information about our members and therefore facilitating networking opportunities under the direction of Katie Robbins

· Establishing Fellowship in AAWR (FAAWR) to give AAWR more visibility and credibility under the direction of Dr. Elizabeth Oates

· Refreshing our website under the direction of Dr. Amy Patel

·  Focusing more on social media with the help of the Member-in-Training Committee

Accomplishing these goals will certainly help AAWR provide more resources for our members, but also attract new members to our organization.

This is a very exciting time to be a part of AAWR as we have had some big events and changes in the past few months:

· Successful capital campaign and well-attended Celebration Dinner, in addition to the 35th birthday of AAWR. Please see attached photos

· Well-attended and well-received RSNA refresher course, “Women in Leadership,” with four great speakers.  Please see attached photos

· Resident Lunch with Dr. Bruce Hillman

· Endowment in honor of Edith Higginbotham, MD, MS

· Also, AAWR would like to welcome Katie Robbins as the new Executive Director and offer our many, many, many thanks to Michele Wittling for her fantastic dedication and leadership over the years

I look forward to working with each and every one of you in 2017 to further the AAWR’s impact.

I leave you with inspiration to women from Dr. Roslyn S. Yalow’s Noble Prize address:

“We must believe in ourselves or no one else will believe in us...we must feel a personal responsibility to ease the path for those who come after us. The world cannot afford the loss of the talents of half its people if we are to solve the many problems that beset us.”


AAWR at RSNA 2016

The AAWR R&E Foundation Celebration Dinner at RSNA proved to be a great success, providing an opportunity for the AAWR members to gather, celebrate, and raise money for the important cause of supporting and recognizing women in radiology. The views of Chicago from the 95th floor of the John Hancock building provided a beautiful backdrop to the festivities. This will be an annual event that we hope you include in your busy RSNA schedule next year. 

At the AAWR RSNA Business meeting, the new Board of Directors was approved including our new President, Dr. Margaret Szabunio from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine in Lexington, KY. As always, the topic of how to reach out to women radiologists in training and junior faculty to encourage their membership and participation was greatly discussed both at the Celebration Dinner and Business meeting.  I solicited our department’s sponsorship of our female residents’ membership fee, which was supported.  I would encourage you all to investigate such opportunities at your home institutions and get your residents involved!  As you know there are many benefits.

Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits for resident members of the AAWR is the opportunity to participate in the Speed Mentoring session and Residents’ Luncheon, which were great successes at RSNA this year and will hopefully be for years to come.  This year at RSNA, we were fortunate to hear how Dr. Bruce Hillman, Editor of JACR, finds joy in creative writing.

AAWR membership also provides the opportunity to participate in celebrating accomplished women in radiology, such as Dr. Katarzyna Macura, our very deserving 2016 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Award recipient.  In addition to hearing about her inspiring personal journey during her award acceptance speech, we also had the opportunity to learn from her discussion of “A Woman’s Journey in Creating Personal Value” at the Presidential Luncheon. 

I hope that you had the opportunity to take advantage of some of these fantastic AAWR programs at RSNA.  If not, please be on the lookout for AAWR events at upcoming meetings and start to plan on joining us at the John Hancock building on the Sunday of RSNA 2017 for our annual R&E Foundation Celebration Dinner at RSNA. 

Warmest regards,
Kristin Porter, MD, PhD
Secretary of AAWR

The AAWR would like to express their sincere gratitude to the Higginbotham family for their very generous donation in memory of Edith A. Higginbotham, MD, MS. This endowment will be used for the Member-in-Training Luncheon at RSNA which will now be called the AAWR Higginbotham Resident Lunch. This generous contribution will undoubtedly benefit residents for years to come.

Dr Higginbotham received undergraduate, graduate, and medical degrees from Howard University in Washington D.C.  She did her training at St. Vincent’s Hospital and Medical Center in New York City and was one of the first African-American female radiologists board-certified in nuclear medicine in the United States.

Dr Higginbotham practiced in New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Minnesota, South Dakota and California.

Read Eve Higginbotham, SM, MD’s letter honoring her sister.




35 Years of Experience From the American Association for Women Radiologists: Increasing the Visibility of Women in Radiology.

Women radiologists remain in minority, unchanged for the past several decades. In 1981, the American Association for Women Radiologists (AAWR) was founded to address the problems that women radiologists were experiencing in being subordinate to male radiologists in the workplace and at the national level in organizations with respect to political power and financial compensation, as well as additional issues unique to women in radiology. The AAWR defined goals to meet the needs of women in radiology: improve the visibility of women radiologists, advance the professional and academic standing of women in radiology, and identify and address issues faced by women in radiology. AAWR efforts have included providing opportunities for career development and award recognition, hosting educational programs at national meetings, and publishing numerous manuscripts on issues faced by women in radiology. The AAWR recognizes that although there has been significant progress in the standing of women in radiology over the past 35 years, there is much room for improvement. The AAWR will continue to advocate for the needs of women in radiology.
Read More


Diversity, Inclusion, and Representation: It Is Time to Act
Although the available pool of qualified underrepresented minority and women medical school graduates has expanded in recent decades, their representation in the radiological professions has improved only marginally. Recognizing this deficit in diversity, many
professional medical societies, including the ACR, have incorporated these values as core elements of their missions and instituted
programs that address previously identified barriers to a more diverse workforce. These barriers include insufficient exposure of underrepresented minorities and women to radiology and radiation oncology; misperception of these specialties as non–patient care and not community service; unconscious bias; and delayed preparation of candidates to compete successfully for residency positions.
Read More

Linda Chen, MD
University of Washington

Do Primary Care Physicians Follow Their Own Specialty Society's Guidelines Regarding Mammography Screening? An Analysis of Nationally Representative Data.

After completing her undergraduate studies in Bioengineering at the University of Washington, Dr. Chen received a National Institutes of Health (NIH) Intramural Research Training Award with which she helped develop biomolecular simulation software. She later returned to the University of Washington, where she completed her medical school training and is currently a resident physician in the Department of Radiology at the UW.

During her medical school and residency training, Dr. Chen has developed a passion for health services and outcomes research, particularly in breast imaging. She works under the mentorship of Dr. Christoph Lee and the breast imaging section at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, with a focus on research that has direct significance for current policy and clinical practice.

Dr. Chen looks forward to pursuing an academic career in breast imaging. She is inspired by the clinical challenges involved in early detection of breast cancer, the translation of biomedical research into new imaging techniques, and health services and outcomes research that directly impact patient care.

AAWR at ACR 2017

Plan on joining AAWR at ACR 2017 (May 21-25, 2017) so you don’t miss these great events:

·  An eye-opening educational session “Tips They Didn’t Teach You in Residency”

·  Our much-loved annual Muffins & Coffee session with this year’s esteemed guest speaker, Geraldine McGinty, MD, MBA

·  A chance to discuss the issues that are important to you at the Women’s Caucus

Registration coming soon!

AAMC Professional Development Seminar for Early-Career Faculty 

DEADLINE: March  7, 2017

 The AAMC Early Career Women Faculty Professional Development Seminar is a three and a half-day seminar designed for women physicians and scientists holding medical school appointments at the instructor or assistant professor level, and in the early stages of leadership positions within their discipline, department or institution. The seminar provides protected time for participants to hone the knowledge and skills required to successfully navigate the academic health enterprise as well as to continue down the path to leadership. Seminar faculty members are chosen from various schools in the United States and Canada for their demonstrated leadership abilities and offer knowledge, inspiration and valuable career advice to participants. CME credit is available for eligible participants.

The 2017 AAMC Early-Career Women Faculty Professional Development Seminar will be held: July 15-18, 2017 at the Skamania Lodge Stevenson, Washington.

The successful applicant will be provided with meeting registration fee only. All other expenditures will be at the expense of the applicant. Please note that the selected recipient will also be asked to submit an article to be published in Focus which describes one particularly helpful aspect of the meeting.

All applications should include:

· A current curriculum vitae.

· A statement from the applicant that describes the applicants qualifications, professional aspirations, and goals for attending the seminar.

The Foundation of the ASNR is Accepting Applications for the
2017 Women in Neuroradiology Leadership Award

In 2012, the Foundation of the American Society of Neuroradiology (Foundation), American College of Radiology (ACR), and American Association for Women Radiologists (AAWR) established an award to provide leadership opportunities for women in Neuroradiology and/or Radiology overall.  Since neuroradiologists must be leaders in the field, this award is for mid-career women with demonstrated experience and promise for leadership in Neuroradiology and/or Radiology overall.  The objectives are to provide the award recipient with additional skills and insights to enhance opportunities for advancement.

The award recipient will receive funding to cover tuition and transportation costs to attend the ACR 2017 Radiology Leadership Institute Summit, entitled Leading Value Creation – Personal & Organizational in conjunction with Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, to be held at the Babson Executive Conference Center, September 7-10, 2017. All other expenditures will be at the expense of the award recipient.

Eligible applicants must have a MD degree or DO degree, plus subspecialty certification in Neuroradiology, or its equivalent for International candidates.  Applicants must have demonstrated experience and promise for leadership in Neuroradiology/Radiology, and must be a member of ASNR, ACR, and AAWR prior to January 1, 2017.  Strong consideration will be given to applicants from practices and institutions that show a commitment to the applicant’s career development.

The deadline for receipt of Applications and required attachments is March 1 2017; late applications will not be accepted.  Applications must be sent electronically, as indicated in the instructions

For information and the criteria, please click here.



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