American Association for Women Radiologists

The Association was founded in 1981 to: provide a forum for issues unique to women in radiology, radiation oncology and related professions; sponsor programs that promote opportunities for women; and facilitate networking among members and other professionals.

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Upcoming Events

1. ARRS – Toronto, CA- April 23rd
    a. Luncheon session – 12:00-1:00 – panel format
    b. “Future women Leaders In Radiology: How to climb the ladder & overcome challenges”
    c. Speakers – Elizabeth Arleo, Kathleen Fink, Ashley Simonak, Jennifer Favinger

2. ACR – Washington, DC – May 21st
     a. 1:30-3:00
    b.“Entrepreneurial Women Leaders in Radiology”
         i.   Stamatia Destounis – “ Skills of Entrepeneurship to build a Successful Private Enterprise”
         ii.  Kristen Destigter-  “ Women Leaders in Entrepreneurship in a large corporate group”
         iii. Carolyn Melzer – “ Women Leaders and Enrepeneurship in Academic Radiology”

3.  SPR – Seattle, WA – April 27th 
    a. Luncheon session - 12:00-1:15 PM
    b. “ Women in Radiology including challenges & climbing the leader to success”
    c. Speakers :
             i.      Jeanne Hill
             ii.      Meryle Ecklund 
             iii.      Melissa Hilmes

From the desk of the President

Dear Esteemed AAWR members,

Women and men in support of female professionals of radiology and radiation oncology". It is my honor and pleasure to serve as the 34th president of AAWR, an organization with over 3 decades of success supporting professional women in these fields. AAWR has assisted thousands of women in their career advancement and has the potential to play an important role in fields of radiology and radiation oncology (which includes over 8000 women practitioners in the US alone), Read More

Women in Radiology


The AAWR recognizes the achievements of AAWR Members who have influenced others by their teaching, clinical care and/or research, and leadership in radiology.  AAWR honors radiology and radiation oncology residents who have demonstrated outstanding efforts in clinical care, teaching, research and/or public service.

Career Advancement

The AAWR's mission is to assist its Members in building a successful career through the development of leadership and negotiation skills, improving teaching and presentation skills, balancing work and family life.